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Who are the key players?

  • The NDL (the national league of democracy) the government 

  • The military party 

  • Aung Sun Suu Kyi - the State Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs 2016-2021

What happened?

  • During the general election the result was a landslide for the democratic party 

    • However the military claimed there was widespread voter fraud and lost ballots. The military requested the current gov the NLD (national league of democracy)
      to investigate the voter fraud claims

    • The national local election observers said that the election was fair and free 

  • The military and the NLD had meetings for days about this but there was no agreement between the two sides which makes sense why the military went forward 

  • On February 1st, Myanmar’s military overthrew its government in a coup

    • They arrested civilian leaders and shut off the internet and lights

How are the people of Myanmar feeling?

  • Protests have been happening since february 

  • As of May 27th, 2021 at least 442 people have been murdered by the military 

  • The minister of information has banned any type of social media posts that are in opposition to the political situation and mobilize against the coup

What has the US’s reaction been?

  • The Biden Administration has put sanctions on the military in Burma 

  • ‘The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated 10 individuals and three entities for their association with the military apparatus responsible for the coup”

  •  ‘the Department of Commerce is taking immediate action to limit exports of sensitive goods to the Burmese military and other entities associated with the recent coup.
    A series of immediate export restrictions is being imposed on Burma’s Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Home Affairs, armed forces, and security services in response to their recent activities.”

  • As part of today’s actions, USAID will redirect $42.4 million of assistance away from work that benefits the Government of Burma, including support for reforming economic
    policy, to programs that support and strengthen civil society and the private sector.

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