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Jo Jorgensen is a long time Libertarian, running alongside Harry Browne in the 1996 Presidential election. Before that, Jorgenson was the Libertarian party's pick for South Carolina's 4th Congressional District (1992). Officially joining the party in 1983 (although supporting their campaigns prior), Jorgensen has served as the South Carolina chair, state vice chair, and national marketing director. 

Jorgensen graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology (1979) and then continued her education at Southern Methodist University, gaining an MBA (1980). Since then, she's obtained a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (from Clemson University in 2002), and continues to lecture at the University. 

As a Libertarian, Jorgensen advocates for the elimination of the federal income tax and supports shrinking the federal government. She also states that if elected, she will veto any new borrowing that would lead to a further deficit. To read more about Jorgensen's previous and current positions click HERE.

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